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We don't need trauma-informed care training.

Our patients are mentally ill.

Daniela and Artem

Daniela's family was swept away by floodwaters. Her grandparents raised her for a time. Then workers discovered her sitting by her dead grandmother. Her grandfather was away fighting in the war.

Her cousin Artem's house was bombed in the war, and he lost a leg. They ended up with distant family in the US. They came into this residential treatment program because they couldn't manage their feelings, get close to caring adults, and behaved in ways that people found very troubling.

One of the MHTs working with them asked, "What's the big deal? They're just crazy children who've been through a hard time. they just need meds."

We think "the big deal" is that they are children who've been through a hard time and are called crazy-- because of how they adapted to what happened. More and more, it's important for clinicans and staff to know how to respond to the impact of trauma in a person's life.

Change the frame, change your expectation--and see what happens.

Yeah, you need TIC training. Satisfies QRTP trauma informed care training requirements for all staff (MHTs, RTs, OTs, SW, LMFT, PsyD, and more) in Residential Treatment Programs. Boosts your Emotional intelligence, too.

Shift happens.



Our mission is to reduce the time, trauma, and costs of healing for all involved, which supports budget, quality and service targets.


Our comprehensive evidence-informed approach combines 24x7 online micro-lessons, live calls, and consulting services. Our work on Trauma is used on every continent except Antarctica.

"Made a positive difference in how residents behaved--I never knew how much their recovery depended on new ways of thinking and skills coming from me!"
--Len, MHT

"...big drop in acuity and behavior issues when staff used what they learned. They loved that the content was suitable to show residents, too. Something about being included in their own recovery was powerful."--Clinical Director, RTP

"Made me more effective, and helped me with my secondary trauma."--Myra, LCSW


Staff and leadership training in IP / OP / RTP for trauma informed and trauma responsive care.

Access to over 40 hours of online content for one year.


Support efforts in increasing resilience, amplifying self-care, and increases ease.

This self-paced system is evidence-informed and optimizes staff wellness in stressful times.

We offer individual and group rates. Let's talk.

Elizabeth Power, M. Ed.

Founder, The Trauma Informed Academy®

Power's influence in Trauma Informed Care reaches every continent except Antarctica. As "The Voice of Lived Experience," she combines robust academic knowledge, 30-plus years of helping mental health professionals master TIC, practical skills using engaging adult learning tools that are evidence-informed. She is a Vanderbilt graduate and an Adjunct Instructor in Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center.

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