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We don't need trauma-informed care training.

We refer difficult patients to behavioral health.


Quick--how does an endocrinologist check someone's thyroid? Putting their hands around the neck from behind is the best way and then feeling around on the front (palpating).

Holy Batman! May be, and when the good doctor did so, Marta grabbed the doctor's wrists. That attractive, calm, well-put-together woman you just saw? She's as likely to live with Domestic Violence as the patient everyone hates to see coming. Or to have survived crime victimization, natural disasters and medical crises that made her think she might die or lose her mind.

What did the physician do? Call the police? Recognize an instinctual response to something that happened to her and pass her to mental health for treatment? Fire the patient from the practice? Put a big warning in her EHR?

Nope. The doctor allowed the woman to relax her hands, apologize, accepted responsibility for startling her, asked if describing what she was going to do next would be helpful, sat with the patient a moment before asking for permission to examine from the front.

The patient rated the visit as five-star experience because "the doctor treated me like a real person and understood what happened. I trust the people here."

Change the frame, change your skills--and see what happens.

Yeah, you need TIC training. Shift happens.

Supports MDs, PAs, NPs, RNS, and allied health professionals.



Our mission is to reduce the time, trauma, and costs of healing for all involved, which supports budget, quality and service targets.


Our comprehensive evidence-informed approach combines 24x7 online learning, live calls, and consulting services. Our work on Trauma is used on every continent except Antarctica.

"We chose online and training calls loved the convenience and the consistency, and we put things in action. Suddenly, we don't have any difficult patients, just people trying to solve problems... --PA, free clinic

"It's easier to work here, and our patients seem happier. I think we see each other as more human. Everyone from the MDs down? Less stress. Made this a better place to work." --FQHCP staff summary



Staff and leadership training in IP / OP / RTP for trauma informed and trauma responsive care.

Access to over 40 hours of online content for one year.


Support efforts in increasing resilience, amplifying self-care, and increases ease.

This self-paced system is evidence-informed and proven to optimize staff wellness in stressful times.

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Elizabeth Power, M. Ed.

Founder, The Trauma Informed Academy™

Power's influence in Trauma Informed Care reaches every continent except Antarctica. As "The Voice of Lived Experience," she combines robust academic knowledge, 30-plus years of helping mental health professionals master TIC, practical skills using engaging adult learning tools that are evidence-informed. She is a Vanderbilt graduate and an Adjunct Instructor in Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center.

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