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We don't need Trauma Informed Teacing

We need kids who behave better.

The teacher and DK.

DK came to class every day, and every day this bad-acting third grader would look around, shove, yell, and misbehave. One morning, the assistant principal in this rural school went to take him home (everybody was fed up with his behavior). They came back 45 minutes later.

"What happened?" the teacher asked. "I took him home. There are 11 people living in a two-room trailer. I couldn't leave him there." The teacher began to think. DK spent a lot of time in detention. In detention, he was fine!

The teacher asked him what was the difference was in detention. DK said, "I don't like having all those people around me. I can't stretch my arms out in your class. They don't got as many desks in detention and I can stretch myself out. Sometimes I can even sleep."

The trauma-informed response? To allow DK to start his day by spending 15 minutes voluntarily in detention and then coming to class--without getting marked late. Children can't and don't behave well when they are tired, stressed, and maxed out emotionally.

Their behavior is almost always their best effort to solve a problem. Behavior improvement for DK? Major. Improvement in the classroom environment? Big, for the teacher and everyone else.

Change the frame, change your expectation-- and see what happens.

Yeah, you need TI Teaching training. Shift happens.



Our mission is to reduce the time, trauma, and costs of healing for all involved, which supports budget, quality and service targets.


Our comprehensive evidence-informed approach combines 24x7 online learning, live calls, and consulting services. Our work on Trauma is used on every continent except Antarctica.

Trauma-Reponsive Teaching

Focusing education through the trauma-informed lens. Teaching strategies, classroom management, and more that bring the Trauma Responsive System to your classrooms. Grounded in The Trauma Informed Academy, the neuroscience of learning, and trauma psychology.

Creating Trauma-Responsive Classrooms

How to setup classrooms that are trauma responsive to make teaching and learning easier for everyone. Based on neuroscience and learning theory.

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Elizabeth Power, M. Ed.

Founder, The Trauma Informed Academy™

Power's influence in Trauma Informed Care reaches every continent except Antarctica. As "The Voice of Lived Experience," she combines robust academic knowledge, 30-plus years of helping mental health professionals master TIC, practical skills using engaging adult learning tools that are evidence-informed. She is a Vanderbilt graduate and an Adjunct Instructor in Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center.

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