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Intelligence Training for Your Team (or You)

We don't need "Trauma Responsive EQ."

Mental health and personal growth isn't our job.

You, me, them

EQ--Emotional Intelligence--is associated with better pay, better relationships, and greater levels of success. It makes working in tough situations easier (if you need to stay), and it make changing easier. The skills? They're almost the same as those you need in personal growth after traumatic things happen.

It's a "two-fer." Growth and recovery, no stigma or diagnosis involved. Like your bottom line to risk improving? You staff retention and satisfaction to bump up? Start the culture change now. Training and talent development programs can license this and begin to harness its' power in the workplace. Smart people who want to grow and keep advancing invest as individuals.

Yeah, you need TR-EQ training. Shift happens. Boosting EQ has immediate and longer term impacts like better job performance, higher pay, and more satisfying relationships.



Our mission is to reduce the time, trauma, and costs of healing for all involved, which supports budget, quality and service targets.


Our comprehensive evidence-informed approach combines 24x7 online learning, live calls, and consulting services. Our work on Trauma is used on every continent except Antarctica.



Leaders, Staff and Personal training for trauma informed and trauma responsive processes.

Access to over 40 hours of online content for one year.


Support efforts in increasing resilience, amplifying self-care, and increases ease.

This self-paced system is evidence-informed and proven to optimize staff wellness in stressful times.

"This changed my entire life.

It changed the way

I work with my colleagues and clients entirely."

- Sally

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Elizabeth Power, M. Ed.

Founder, The Trauma Informed Academy™

Power's influence in Trauma Informed Care reaches every continent except Antarctica. As "The Voice of Lived Experience," she combines robust academic knowledge, 30-plus years of helping mental health professionals master TIC, practical skills using engaging adult learning tools that are evidence-informed. She is a Vanderbilt graduate and an Adjunct Instructor in Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center.

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