A lot of people claim to be Trauma-Informed—but they’re not necessarily Trauma-Responsive.

The Trauma-Responsive System is a collection of knowledge, information, and tools that anyone can use or benefit from.

It’s a non-linear model influenced by current research, traditional indigenous cultures, and best practices in learning and more.

The model focuses on nine elements:

  • Claiming Culture—helps people with sense of belonging and place
  • Elastic Emotions—expands feelings vocabulary, skills in regulation
  • Finding Connections—identifying and using inner connections for self-soothing
  • Impact-based definition—refocusing on consequences of trauma instead of the names of events
  • Opening Communication—skills in communication that foster successful living
  • Repossessing Life—the work of repealing the limits imposed by traumatic events
  • Spotlighting Strengths—identifying and claiming the gifts that have been cast as problems
  • Sustaining Vitality—developing the love of life and self, managing the impact of exposure to others trauma

Housed in The Trauma-Informed Academy, The Trauma-Responsive System is more than education, it’s a life-giving and life-changing program for individuals and organizations. Want more information? Call me, Elizabeth Power, at 615.714.6389  or email us at